Match Play

At Welbeck, we love playing competitively as well as socially.


We have a number of teams playing in a variety leagues across Sheffield and Nottinghamshire.


These include the Sheffield District and Nott's District League.


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Welbeck Team Tennis – Code of Practice 


  1. The aim of our teams is to allow members to play competitive tennis at various levels.
  2. The team captains shall pick players they feel appropriate for the level of their league.
  3. If we have more than one team in a league ie Men’s and Winter mixed, then the players will be selected on their ability for the A, B or C teams.
  4. The A team captain will always have first choice of players for their squad/team, then B and then C teams.
  5. If a player is selected for a team and does not wish to play they cannot play for another team that week, ie if picked to play in the C team and they refuse, they cannot play for the A or B teams that week.
  6. If a player feels that they are not being picked for a higher team for any other reason than ability, they should speak firstly to the team captain.  If this does not resolve the issue then they should raise the matter with a committee member for discussion at the next committee meeting.  The decision of the committee is final.
  7. Team captains can be replaced by the committee at any time.
  8. Above all, league tennis is a leisure activity and it is hoped all team players will enjoy their tennis.



Welbeck Tennis Club Committee






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