The courts are kept locked using padlocks and keys. Adult members (individual adults and adults in family memberships) are entitled to have a key at a nominal cost of £3.


Please contact any member of the Committee about buying a key.

Can a junior member have a key?


Adults can have a key and will be responsible for all the juniors within the family membership. However there are a number of individual junior members and we cannot issue keys to them as we want to protect our courts and facilities. We have had problems in the past. We recognise that individual junior members may have difficulty accessing the tennis courts and we strongly encourage all juniors to come and practice regularly. There are a few solutions for this potential problem:

  • individual juniors can access the courts during social tennis times i.e. Monday evenings and Sunday afternoons and coaching sessions where the courts will be open.
  • They are welcome to come along with other junior members who are part of family membership i.e. their parent will have a key. That parent will be responsible for those juniors.
  • Parents of the individual junior member will be encouraged to join using the family membership package. If that parent does not wish to join/play, she/he can consider the 'social' membership and will then be able to purchase a key and will be responsible for that junior.



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